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Our mission is to raise $250,000 by the end of the year to provide critical support to January 6th defendants. The urgency of our work cannot be overstated, as every passing day represents one more day these defendants are separated from their families. Our primary focus is on appellate legal support for these individuals, as there is a 99.6% conviction rate among January 6th defendants. Additionally, your generous support will also help us continue funding Operation Love Wins, a crucial visitation assistance program that keeps family bonds strong. Together, we can make a significant impact on the lives of these defendants and their loved ones.

Pledge to Make a Difference

By donating to Stand in the Gap, you're not only upholding the principles of justice but also fostering compassion and unity among families and friends, proving that love truly knows no bounds. Your support has a direct and meaningful impact on the lives of those affected by these challenges.

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Defending Justice, One Appeal at a Time



With a staggering 99.6% conviction rate among January 6th defendants in Washington, D.C., it's evident that many individuals are facing severe legal challenges. Your support for funding appellate attorneys is crucial to ensure that these defendants have a fair chance to appeal their cases and receive the legal representation they deserve.


Helping to Ensure Justice

The appeals process takes the case out of the district court and places it before the circuit court of appeals, which involves a three-judge panel. This provides a higher level of scrutiny and an opportunity for a more impartial review of the case.


Overcharged &
Disproportionate Prosecution

Many January 6th defendants have been overcharged at the grand jury level, disproportionately prosecuted compared to similar events, and harshly sentenced. Funding appellate attorneys is essential to rectify potential injustices and ensure that sentences are fair and proportionate to the offenses.


Potential Outcomes

Taking the case to the appeals level opens the possibility of being resentenced, securing a new trial, or having charges and convictions overturned or thrown out. By supporting appellate attorneys, you're contributing to the pursuit of justice and fairness for these individuals.


Reconnecting Hearts, One Visit at a Time


Reuniting Families

Operation Love Wins is all about reuniting families and friends who have been separated by incarceration. These visitation trips provide a lifeline for individuals to reconnect with their loved ones, fostering emotional bonds and support during challenging times.


Spreading Love

By supporting Operation Love Wins, you become a part of a larger mission to spread love and compassion. The initiative's impact extends far beyond individual visits; it strengthens the emotional ties between incarcerated individuals and their loved ones, fostering hope and resilience.


Affordability & Accessibility

Your support makes these visitation trips affordable and accessible for all. Many families face financial barriers when it comes to visiting incarcerated loved ones, and Operation Love Wins ensures that cost is not a hindrance. With your help, more individuals can experience the healing power of connection.



"It had been two full years since I had seen my dad. Which is an extremely long time for me. It felt great being able to see my dad again. That first hug in over two years made me cry. I believe that regardless of the situation, everyone needs to be able to see their family and others. I want to thank everyone who made it possible. It’s very appreciated beyond words can express." -Daughter of January 6th Defendant

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Give Today

Appellate Attorneys
Your donation can make a significant impact on the pursuit of justice. With a 99.6% conviction rate among January 6th defendants, your support enables us to provide critical legal assistance, ensuring that individuals have a fair chance to appeal their cases, access impartial review, and seek a just resolution.
Operation Love Wins
Your contribution can reunite families and spread love despite physical separation. By supporting Operation Love Wins, you make visitation trips affordable and accessible, allowing incarcerated individuals and their loved ones to maintain vital connections. Your donation becomes a lifeline for families, strengthening bonds and offering hope during challenging times.
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