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Our mission is to unite families separated by incarceration by providing funding for visitation trips. We believe that love knows no bounds and that everyone deserves the chance to reconnect with their loved ones. With your support, we aim to make these trips affordable and accessible for all, ensuring that love triumphs over distance and adversity. Join us in spreading love as we work towards making sure that, in the end, Love Wins.


Reuniting Families through Visitation:
We believe that maintaining strong family bonds is crucial during a loved one's incarceration. That's why we have launched Operation Love Wins, a program dedicated to making family visitation affordable and accessible. We understand the value of in-person connection and the positive impact it can have on both the incarcerated individual and their loved ones. Through Operation Love Wins, we absorb the cost of visitation, making it easier for families to see and spend quality time with their incarcerated loved ones. We aim to remove financial barriers and ensure that every family can participate in the healing power of visitation.

Celebrating the Victory: Reunification Granted and Operation Love Wins Begins:

In January 2023, we had some truly remarkable and exhilarating news to share. The individuals in the DC Gulag were finally granted visitation rights without the requirement of vaccination! The individuals called upon Congressman Troy Nehls to help them seal the deal, and with your assistance through letter writing, calls to the mayor and the jail, and Congressman Nehls' involvement, they are now able to visit their loved ones in person.

Upon receiving this news, the individuals in the C2B pod experienced a mix of emotions. Some of them were ecstatic, while others expressed their financial struggles, unable to afford the expenses of a trip. We completely understood their situations, but hearing their struggles weighed heavily on us. Soon after, the ingenious concept of Operation Love Wins took shape within our minds and we had to execute on it.

Making Reunions Affordable and Accessible for All

Our primary objective with Operation Love Wins is to reunite incarcerated individuals with their families and friends by providing funding for visitation trips. We are determined to make these trips affordable and easily accessible to everyone, recognizing separation that most of have endured. We kindly request fellow patriots to contribute by donating money, airline miles, hotel points, or any other travel resources that can assist us in achieving this goal. Together, we can ensure that no one is left behind and that every family has the opportunity to reconnect.

To make this initiative possible, we estimate that each family trip will cost approximately $2,500 (approximately) for a single visit. We aim to provide the following support to each family:

  • Economy round trip flights (or alternative transportation upon request)

  • Accommodations

  • Transportation while visiting

By offering these essential components, we strive to alleviate the financial burden and logistical challenges faced by families, allowing them to focus solely on the joyous reunion with their loved ones. Your generous contributions and support will help us make a meaningful difference in their lives. Every single donation we receive will be dedicated to our cause. Together, we can make a lasting impact and bring happiness to those longing for reunions with their loved ones.


Monetary donations will directly fund visitation trips, ensuring that families can come together and experience the joy of reunions.


By donating airline miles, you can provide the means for loved ones to travel without the burden of expensive flights.


By contributing hotel rewards will offer much-needed accommodation during their visit, alleviating financial stress. 



"Had someone not told my husband about Operation Love Wins, I would not have been able to go and support my husband at sentencing. My children were also able to go and see their father for the first time in four months."



"I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to all of you for making this experience possible. Your dedication to your mission is truly a blessing, not only for me but for my family as well. Your work is changing lives, and I am a living testament to that."



". . . it had been 20 months since I saw Sean, I had so many emotions running through me on my way to the jail. I was excited, sad, happy, nervous. . . I received the tightest hug ever and didn't want to let go!"

Operation Love Wins Application

Are you seeking support to visit your loved one who has been detained in connection with the events of January 6th? We understand the challenges families face during these trying times. Stand in the Gap is here to assist. Complete our application for the opportunity to receive support and guidance for visitation arrangements with your incarcerated loved one.

The Epoch Times

“Operation Love Wins” seeks to be an antidote to the dark cloud that has hung over the jail complex since the first Jan. 6, 2021, defendant was sent there.
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