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We Cannot Forget about the Prisoner

Our Republican Conference believes that the answer to solving crime is to lock people up and throw away the key. However, as we can see in Matthew chapter 25, that is not what the scripture lays out for us. I believe that we, the January 6th movement, and Stand in the Gap can effect change in this broken system. We do not want wasteful spending, but we do need to rethink our stance on prison and justice reform in America. I am calling on the Trump Administration to allow Stand in the Gap and me to be liaisons between the administration and the BOP when they take office in January 2025. Let us be boots on the ground. Allow us into these prisons; let us be the eyes and ears, hands and feet. After we expose the irregularities in the system, we can work with legislators to change laws and policies to better serve our communities, who take in prisoners after prison, and to better serve prisoners on the inside. For those who want it, we must invest in them - to allow them to be the best they can be. We have hundreds of thousands of prisoners in America. These individuals can take the lower-paying jobs we have shipped overseas. We need to incentivize corporations to bring these jobs back. Allowing this will give prisoners an opportunity to take care of their children, earn a fair wage, take care of themselves, give them some pride and responsibility, and make them an asset to their families instead of a burden. 

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