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We understand the challenges and hardships faced by families with a loved one incarcerated. We are committed to providing support and assistance during this difficult time. Our comprehensive range of services is designed to address various aspects of your needs, both inside and outside the prison system.


Operation Love Wins - Reuniting Families through Visitation:
We believe that maintaining strong family bonds is crucial during a loved one's incarceration. That's why we have launched Operation Love Wins, a program dedicated to making family visitation affordable and accessible. We understand the value of in-person connection and the positive impact it can have on both the incarcerated individual and their loved ones. Through Operation Love Wins, we absorb the cost of visitation, making it easier for families to see and spend quality time with their incarcerated loved ones. We aim to remove financial barriers and ensure that every family can participate in the healing power of visitation.

Emergency Funding:

Currently, Stand in the Gap does not offer emergency funding for individuals or families. For assistance with emergency funding requests, we recommend reaching out to other organizations dedicated to supporting those affected by events related to January 6th.

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